Activision Patent Could Force Players Intro Micro Transactions

There’s been plenty of furore over loot boxes lately, but something even more sinister and underhand involving Activision recently came to light. The company has been granted a patent on match-making software which can be used to deliberately match players up against players with superior equipment or in-game items. Put simply, if you’re a new player playing Call of Duty, the game could intentionally put you up against a more experienced player with a better gun than you. After you get ‘rekt’ the game will then offer you that gun in a microtransaction.

Activision has gone all innocent and claims it’s not using the technology in any of it’s existing games, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t, and it also doesn’t mean it can’t be retrospectively implemented into current games. It’s not in Destiny 2 now, but in a few months it could be. This is Pay To Win.

As with loot boxes, when it comes to any micro transactions, think carefully before you buy. Are you getting value or you being manipulated into spending money in order to remain competitive? Remember – not falling for such devious, cynical practices is the most effective way to make a stand against them.