FIFA 17 Invisible Players Mystery

fifa 17 invisible player mystery screenshot

So FIFA 17 has been out for nearly two weeks and it’s fair to say we’re loving the game here at BGUK towers. The lunchtime games, played by our resident FIFA team – Chris, Rich and Jon – are fast, frenzied and full of cracking goals (although the more observant spectators have noticed most of these seem to be in the goal our so-called team of pros are meant to be defending!).

As great as FIFA 17 is, though, we have noticed some serious bugs.

For starters, whenever Rich has the ball, all the other players on his team seem to disappear. Despite Chris and Jon screaming for him to pass, he swears he can’t see anyone and sets off to try and dribble around the entire opposition team. Needless to say he never gets far. And on the rare occasion he does pass, it’s usually about as close to hitting the target as a drunk octopus taking a penalty in clown shoes while blindfolded!

And then there’s the pass/shoot bug. No matter how Chris sets up his controller, whenever he’s clean through on goal, the buttons on his controller magically switch and he manages to hit pass instead of shoot. The same thing happens when he tries to lay a ball off 5 yards and instead hits a shot from the halfway line! He swears it’s not his fault, but we’re not convinced. What do you think? Are you experiencing the same gameplay ‘bugs’? If you are, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Charlotte M says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the bugs on Fifa 17! I’ve just downloaded some coins, so I’m ready to play now haha.

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