Happy 20th Birthday Grand Theft Auto

It will make some people feel very old to learn that Grand Theft Auto is 20 years old. Fun though it was, few would have imagined that that the top down original – created by Dave Jones, the man behind Lemmings – would go on to become one of the biggest franchises in main stream entertainment, let alone videogames.

It wasn’t until GTA III arrived on PS2 in 2001 that the game as we now think of it was born, but the basic structure was there in 1997, as were Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas (although back then SA was a facsimile of San Francisco rather than the fictitious state it now is). The freeroaming world was a fresh new idea and the gameplay was great, arcadey fun that remains incredibly playable to this day. So raise your glasses to a third decade of GTA!