Obscure Assassin’s Creed Title To Get A Rogue Remaster

Apologies for the slightly laboured pun in the title, but whatever. We’ve just found out that probably the most obscure entry in the Assassin’s Creed series is to be polished up and re-released for Xbox One and PS4. The game in question is Assassin’s Creed Rogue. Whether you remember it or not probably depends on how long you stuck with your PS3/360 before upgrading to current gen. You see, AC Rogue came out around the same time as AC Unity but only on 360 and PS3, which instantly makes it something of a peculiarity (PS4 and Xbox One had been out a full year at that point). It feels like a follow up to Black Flag, revisiting the naval aspect of that game, and was a solid 7/10 title when released.

The decision to release an update for this particular game raises two questions.


Why this?

The reason for some remasters is obvious. Games like Resident Evil 4 and Skyrim are timelessly wonderful. Fans have the opportunity to enjoy them all over again while players that never got the chance to experience them first time around get to do so. Does Rogue fit into that category of games? No.


Does the world really need more Assassin’s Creed?

This is an action series that gets mainline entries pumped out almost every year as if it were FIFA. 2008 was the only year since 2007 that hasn’t seen an Assassin’s Creed game released for the major console. That doesn’t include the Chronicles spin-off series or various mobile games. Plus we already have Black Flag on current generation consoles for the cool naval bits.

We’re not saying AC Rogue is a bad game, and the timing and format of its original release meant it may have passed a few people by, but is a remaster really worth the time and effort?