Nintendo Classic Mini SNES Comes With A Little Piece Of Lost History

Most of the games that come with the Classic Mini SNES, you’ll remember fondly from your youth (if you’re old enough). There’s one though that you most certainly won’t remember, because it never came out. That game is Star Fox 2. The game was completed and ready for release back in 1995, but with the […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Announcement On Thursday

Oh those cheeky little scamps at Rockstar. Just look at what recently appeared on the Rockstar newswire! No more words, no further comment. Just the above image. So, what exactly will be revealed on Thursday 28 September at 11am US ET? The obvious money has to go on a definite release date. Earlier this year […]

Destiny 2 Pre-Order Bonus Weapon Locked Away

It’s Wednesday, or Destiny 2 Launch Day, as it’s better known. If you’re one of the countless who pre-ordered the game on the back of the receiving the Coldheart exotic rifle as an exclusive bonus, don’t expect to be obliterating everything in your path with it right away. In a move that’s sure to send […]

Has No Man’s Sky Finally Become Everyone’s Sky?

No Man’s Sky was hugely anticipated prior to launch mainly thanks to lofty boasts about its gargantuan scale. Perhaps inevitably it turned out to be a massive let down with poor controls, limited functionality and a massive universe in which there was virtually nothing of any substance to do. Well, hopefully it isn’t too late […]

PS4-Xbox One Cross-Play Won’t Happen Because Sony Won’t Allow It

With Ark: Surivial Evolved finally having come out of early access and launched properly last week, developer Wildcard’s founders Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczac have revealed that it wouldn’t take more than a few days to get the title working across platforms, enabling Xbox One and PS4 players to play together in perfect harmony. The […]

Bethesda is Making A Game Of Thrones Game?

Well here’s a spicy little rumour to warm you up. Someone spotted a listing for a new game that appeared on US retailer Target’s website yesterday. As you can see, it’s rather ambiguous, simply saying Bethesda: Game Of Thrones with no further details. Now, before you get too excited, it could be a hoax or […]

Super Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog is a curious beast, and not just because he’s a blue hedgehog capable of running at incredible velocity. Back in 1991 the console war was being fought between SEGA and Nintendo. Nintendo had Mario and SEGA needed a flagship mascot to compete. Sonic The Hedgehog hit the Mega Drive in a blue […]

Lara Looking Hot On Xbox One X

If you were doubtful whether Xbox One X could really offer an appreciably better visual and gameplay experience than current consoles, the footage of an enhanced Rise Of The Tomb Raider from Gamescom is going to excite you quite a lot. It was already a good-looking game anyway, but the Xbox One X version is […]