Why Is Character Creation Always So Disappointing?

If there’s one thing we love in video games, it’s a good character creation system. Whether you’re playing a sharp-suited, smooth criminal in GTA Online, a buxom warrior princess in Skyrim SE or a Mad Max-alike in Fallout 4, creating a unique and personal character can often evoke more of an emotional connection than a […]

Console Backwards Compatibility Is No Big Deal

Microsoft made a fair old fuss over Xbox One’s backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games, and the feature seemed to go over pretty well with users, judging from the response at the time of the announcement. It looked like Sony might have dropped one in not including similar functionality in the PS4. However, a recent […]

Days of Play Sale!

Days of Play Sale

Summer has arrived and, to celebrate, we have teamed up with Sony to offer a fantastic range of unbeatable PS4 and PlayStation VR deals in the Days of Play Sale! Play Day Deals We have PS4 500GB consoles in Black and White at the unbeatable price of £198.99! We also have PS4 dualshock controllers for […]

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No Xbox VR For Microsoft?

Microsoft has revealed the Xbox One X at E3 – a sort of half-way house towards the next console generation. Well it wasn’t so much of a reveal as confirmation of release in November 2017. We’ve known about Project Scorpio – the XB1X’s previous designation – for ages. The XB1X enables true 4K gaming and […]

Morrowind And Mods: Is Bethesda Missing A Trick?

The Morrowind expansion for Elder Scrolls Online is out, and boy it’s a biggie! ESO has no shortage of content, but having been re-immersed in the world of Skyrim ever since the release of the Special Edition, Tamriel Unlimited lacks texture by comparison, quite literally. Skyrim SE was little more than a graphical touch-up by […]

Where The Marvel Games At?

Although the quality of the individual flicks has varied, there can be no argument that Marvel as a brand is killing it at the movies. There’s the emotional journey of Wolverine, the all-out action of Captain America and Iron Man, the lighter-hearted Ant-Man, the X-rated Deadpool, and that’s before you even get to the ensemble […]

Kudos To Rockstar For Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay

So Red Dead Redemption 2 has slipped well into 2018 after initially being mooted for an October 2017 release. Disappointing though it is, it comes as no real surprise. In fact in some ways it’s a positive sign, not just for the game, but gaming in general. Far too many games are released unfinished these […]

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days – Videogames Killed The Movie Star

Hollywood seems pretty intent on ruining it’s own legacy with shoddy, pointless remakes and shoddy, pointless sequels to classic movies from the Eighties and Nineties clogging up the release schedules (Ghostbusters, Total Recall, Alien Covenant to mention just three), and the games industry is getting in on the act to. A couple of years ago […]