Retro Gaming on a Commodore 64

retro gaming on commodore 64

We’re not just about playing new games here at BGUK. As much as we love our shiny PS4s and Xbox Ones, sometimes there’s nothing like a bit of retro gaming. With this in mind, yesterday, Jon, our resident game junkie and chief office-layabout, went hunting for his favourite machine of yesteryear. Hauling his giant frame off the sofa and into the attic, he dug out his dusty but timelessly beautiful Commodore 64.

Retro gaming – the glory days!

Keen to introduce his son to some of the finest video games of the 80s, Jon pressed Play on Tape to classic hits such as Elite, Daley Thompson’s Decathlon, Kevin Tom’s Football Manager and Beach Head. Elite, by David Braben and Ian Bell, was a particular favourite back in the day. Jon spent a whole summer in ’86 desperately trying to achieve ‘Elite’ status, but never managed to get passed ‘pussycat’. Still, at least he never broke any joysticks playing Elite, unlike Daley Thompson’s Decathlon. While the great man himself was busy smashing world records, Jon and 1000s of other gamers were busy trashing every joystick ever made through aggressive joystick waggling! Jon proudly boasts he got through 3 Quickshot Turbo’s in just two weeks – can anyone beat that?

Playing these games stirred fond memories in Jon of happier days when games cost under a tenner, midget gems came in quarter bags, and people didn’t feel compelled to photo their food and post it on Facebook, but his son, William, was less impressed. ‘They take a bit long to load, Dad’ he sighed before returning to his game of Candy Crush. Some kids don’t know they’re born!