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Loot Boxes… Loot Boxes Everywhere!

Loot boxes are fast becoming one of the most contentious subjects in gaming. At best they’re a cheap way to artificially add longevity to games by forcing players to grind until they randomly get the bonuses they want. At worst they’re cynically designed to sting players for real money via micro transactions for items that […]

Destiny 2 Pre-Order Bonus Weapon Locked Away

It’s Wednesday, or Destiny 2 Launch Day, as it’s better known. If you’re one of the countless who pre-ordered the game on the back of the receiving the Coldheart exotic rifle as an exclusive bonus, don’t expect to be obliterating everything in your path with it right away. In a move that’s sure to send […]

Bungee Goes Large With Destiny 2 Beta

The Destiny 2 Beta has dropped, at least for everyone who pre-ordered it. PS4 got it yesterday and Xbox One owners got it today, while everyone else will have to wait until 21 July. It starts big, with an alien invasion destroying the Tower and trapping the traveller, and Guardians must fight there way out […]