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Bethesda is Making A Game Of Thrones Game?

Well here’s a spicy little rumour to warm you up. Someone spotted a listing for a new game that appeared on US retailer Target’s website yesterday. As you can see, it’s rather ambiguous, simply saying Bethesda: Game Of Thrones with no further details. Now, before you get too excited, it could be a hoax or […]

Why Is Character Creation Always So Disappointing?

If there’s one thing we love in video games, it’s a good character creation system. Whether you’re playing a sharp-suited, smooth criminal in GTA Online, a buxom warrior princess in Skyrim SE or a Mad Max-alike in Fallout 4, creating a unique and personal character can often evoke more of an emotional connection than a […]

Morrowind And Mods: Is Bethesda Missing A Trick?

The Morrowind expansion for Elder Scrolls Online is out, and boy it’s a biggie! ESO has no shortage of content, but having been re-immersed in the world of Skyrim ever since the release of the Special Edition, Tamriel Unlimited lacks texture by comparison, quite literally. Skyrim SE was little more than a graphical touch-up by […]