Xbox One X Early Verdict – Should You Buy It?

We’ve had the chance to muck about on the Xbox One X at last, and it is indeed the most powerful games console on the market, only losing out to top end gaming PCs in the horsepower stakes. We’ll get the verdict out of the way right away – if you’re a serious gamer then you will definitely want to consider upgrading, although you may need to upgrade your TV as well if yours doesn’t support 4K. Games look more gorgeous and detailed than ever before, along with HDR lighting that really makes everything pop. Perhaps even more significant is framerate improvements with many games running at a silky 60fps and no games dropping below 30fps.

It’s not cheap but it’s a tangible upgrade on existing machines and will significantly improve your gaming experience. You can also transfer over all your existing games, digital purchases and save data to the new console. All in all, we love it, and once you use it you’ll find it hard to go back.